He, Im Seren Al Ashouri

Real estate expert

Is an example of an influential figure in real estate consultants, with many individuals and companies counting on her to provide advice and guidance in real estate.

Seren Al Ashouri

founder of Selena Real Estate

Ranks among the most renowned real estate consultants in Dubai, with extensive experience in real estate.


Advice and guidance

She is interested in advising clients on real estate markets and investment opportunities, and helps make the right decisions based on her extensive knowledge.

Real Estate Analysis

Analyze the real estate market and provide the data and statistics needed for customers and help them make the right decisions in buying or selling real estate.

Real Estate Marketing

Seren Al Ashouri helps market real estate and attract buyers or tenants by advertising real estate, setting appropriate prices and using modern marketing techniques.

Real Estate Management

Specializes in managing client's properties, maintenance, insurance, collecting rents and keeping properties in good condition.

Legal Proceedings

You will procure, sell or rent properly, determine appropriate prices and get all legal procedures for real estate transactions.

Property Search

Interested in searching for suitable properties, working to evaluate available properties and help choose the best property.

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